Sunday, February 1, 2015


What is TDK?

TDK stands for Tudományos DiákKör

This is the ‘students research ring’ for the students at Semmelweis University.
TDK is not just a Semmelweis University thing, you will find TDK all over Hungary and at all kinds of educational institutions.
TDK has been open to Hungarian students for many, many years and some impressive work has come out of this.

TDK is research, but also a competition.
Once a year the students participating in TDK will present their material to the university and a winner will be announced.
The winner will be excempted from doing his or her thesis work because of the winning contribution in TDK.

Teacher assistantships are included in the TDK.

Students that participate in TDK are given points for their research. These points are taken into account when the student wants to apply for study abroad programs (such as ERASMUS) and when applying for teaching positions.

The TDK website for Semmelweis University