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Here you will find updated information about Semmelweis University!

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My years at Semmelweis University

I’ve written a few words about my classes at Semmelweis University.
Some subjects have changed a lot since I had them (e.g. Cardiology has gotten a bigger curriculum, radiology has become more clinically oriented) and some subjects have been removed completely (e.g. Latin was replaced by Medical Terminology). I still think most subjects are pretty much the same, because the departments are the same and the teachers are still the same.

I’ve tried to add some pictures for the fun of it :-)

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My ratings of the first five years (remember, my personal rating!)
Four categories:

  1. The milestones
  2. Require solid knowledge
  3. Predictable as long as you study
  4. Formality

Milestones – these are the big exams and lots of people struggle with them (even fail the year because of them; not pharmacology, but I added it to this list, because it is much bigger than the other 4th year exams):

  • Biochemistry – the big weed-out class at Semmelweis
  • Physiology – a big curriculum, but much more intuitive than biochemistry and a lot more fun to memorize stuff
  • Anatomy – huge curriculum, but it is a two-year subject, so students are exposed to it for a longer time – a big test, though, and that’s the reason why its on this list.
  • Pharmacology – a three-semester subject culmunating in a big test of pure memorization. Very useful, but easy to get lost in details! Very few people fail, though! Might be the most hyped-up subject, but still a big test!

Require solid knowledge – these are big subjects that many students fail at, but they are not weed-out subjects and although people do fail, they don’t seem to have to repeat years because of these subjects:

  • Microbiology – just the share amount of information one needs to know makes this enjoyable, but also tiresome
  • Pathology – one of the most enjoyable subjects at Semmelweis and probably the most useful for later years, but the curriculum is big (and histopathology is not a favorite of mine)
  • Pathophysiology – another one of the third year subjects on this list. As with pathology and microbiology, this becomes very useful later.
    The three subjects above make up the main reason why all the clinical subjects become much easier. Work hard in the 3rd year and subjects in the 4th and 5th become much easier (lots of repetition!)
  • Neurology – this exam is tough because of the early rotation carrot being waived in front of the 5th year students’ noses! The best students in Neurology final 5th year get to do an early rotation for the 6th year Neurology. One of the harder subjects in the 5th year, but still a bit down on this list.
  • Internal Medicine – this is medicine!!

Predictable as long as you study

  • Chemistry (depends on level of chemistry knowledge, but should be ok)
  • Biology (depends on the level of biology knowledge, but should be ok)
  • Biophysics (some might disagree with me, but the lectures cover everything one needs to know for the exam. The material is mathematical and somewhat tricky to understand if one has not had physics before)
  • Immunology
  • Public Health
  • Dermatology (another one of the hyped-up subjects, just seems to much bigger because the other semester of the 4th year is spent in ENT)
  • Surgery
  • Pulmonology
  • Cardiology
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy
  • Orthopedics
  • Radiology
  • Traumatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Family Medicine
  • Oral Surgery and Dentistry


  • Hungarian – no idea how the new tests are, but when I took it nothing made sense
  • ENT – should have a list of its own, that’s how big a joke that test was
  • Psychology
  • Ethics
  • Sociology

In August 2009 I started my turnus at the hospital in Tønsberg:


  • Surgery Aug 15th 2009-Feb 15th 2010
  • Internal Medicine Feb 15th 2010-Aug 15th 2010
  • Community Medicine Aug 15th 2010-Feb 15th 2011