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Varg Veum kommer til Budapest – statister søkes!

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Den nyeste filmen om Varg Veum skal filmes i Budapest og har premiere i september 2011.
Regissør Alexander Eik søker derfor etter statister til filmen – er dette noe for deg?

Women’s Care: Gynecology and Obstetrics for foreign students

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My dear friend Brook (native Texan), whom I studied with at Semmelweis University, has settled down in Budapest with her husband. I know from my own experiences that it is really hard to find a doctor when you first start studying – especially an obstetrics and gynecology clinic. Brook has sent me some information regarding [...]

Charity Ball this weekend

The ANSA Hungary charity ball has become a popular annual event. This is a great way to dress up and have  a good night AND help people in need! About the Students Help Students project Since the fall of 2006 ANSA Hungary has been raising money to build a student house for students who grew [...]

Check out Budadogs!

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Budadogs is the name of a non-profit organization founded by Norwegian veterinary students, one of them being my friend Caroline. I asked her to send me some info to post on this website, because I think its a great initiative! Visit Budadogs on their website: They also have a blog, where you can follow [...]

Random Hungarian stuff on the internet

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Random Hungarian stuff on the internet This is just random stuff from or about Hungary/Hungarians that I’ve stumbled across online. Enjoy. A Hungarian guy (Ákos Endre “Hamster” Varga) has made a website dedicated to trams (in Hungary)! Hungarian Complaint Choir Upbeat and funny – I love it! Cross cultural – a comparison between the US [...]

Home delivered food in Budapest

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Ordering food online Ordering food over the phone can be a pain, especially since restaurants in Budapest thrives on the incredible combination of rudeness and unwillingness to understand the small amount of Hungarian we learn when we first come here. Therefore, it is good to know that there are several options for online ordering: [...]

Hungarian pizza with ham, pineapple…and playboy

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I came back from an awesome trip to Budapest today. I miss Budapest more and more as time goes by and my trips keep getting better and better! This time I stayed at my buddy Fredrik’s place. We had a blast! One evening we decided to order pizza and when the guy arrived he handed [...]

Last bowl of goulash this semester

We’re not done with the fifth year until we get our index signed…this horrible, horrible Hungarian tradition! I had 10 subjects this semester and now I’m finally done collecting signatures. This week is my last week in Budapest, as I am moving all my stuff home to Norway. I’ve given away a lot of notes, [...]